Company profile

Alliander is a network company. We secure a reliable, affordable and accessible energy distribution in a large part of the Netherlands.

Alliander incorporates group of companies, including Liander, Liandon and Allego. Together we stand for high-quality knowledge of energy networks, energy technology and technical innovations. Network operation is our core activity. Network operator Liander keeps the energy infrastructure in good condition to ensure distribution of gas and electricity to millions of consumers end businesses every day. Effective from 1 January 2016, our service area has been reshaped following an exchange of regional networks. The operational area of Liander has been expanded to include the Noordoostpolder and parts of Friesland. In exchange, Endinet has become part of Enexis.

Liandon focuses on the development of sustainable technologies and intelligent energy infrastructures.

In addition, Alliander explores and develops new business activities that fit our company's strategy and the role we see for ourselves in the transition towards a more renewable energy system. Allego, for instance, is developing customised charging solutions and infrastructure for municipalities, businesses and transport companies. Alliander Duurzame Gebiedsontwikkeling (DGO) connects area owners, public authorities, providers and users to help them realise their sustainable ambitions, e.g. through the development of open energy infrastructures.

The shareholders of Alliander are Dutch provinces and municipalities. Together with them and our partners, we discuss our plans for the future and offer solutions for complex energy infrastructure issues.

2015 in numbers

Number of customer connections

5.7 m

Number of employees


Electricity outage duration

21.9 minutes

CO2 emissions

801 kt


1.6 € bn


575 € m

Total assets

7.7 € bn

Operating profit

235 € m

Our service area 

Electricity and gas


Grid length

89000 km
43000 km