How we create value for stakeholders

The aim of our strategic choices is to create value for our stakeholders who have diverse needs. To serve their interests as best as possible, we engage in a dialogue with them. Together we decide what is needed to shape our energy system of the future.

Our value creation process is based on careful choices, from input to impact. In our three stakeholder chapters, we take a closer look at the realised value.




  • Alliander’s shareholders are Dutch provinces and municipalities. The company’s capital structure is explained in the ‘Shareholders’ chapter.

Our networks

Our grids

  • 89,000 km of electricity connections
  • 43,000 km of gas pipelines

Internal and external knowledge

Internal and external knowledge

  • About 3% of our payroll goes into training and development and in 2015, for instance, 1,755 safety training courses were completed.

Over 7,000 employees

Over 7,000 employees

  • 7,240 employees

Dialogue with part- ners and stakeholders

Dialogue with partners and stakeholders

  • The partners we work with are included in the ‘Interaction with stakeholders’ chapter.

Raw materials and energy

Raw materials and energy

  • We use pipes and cables for our network, and energy for our buildings and mobility.

Business model

Mission Vision Strategy
Operating networks, Facilitating markets

Alliander’s activities

  1. 1 Network management

    The development, maintenance and management of shared energy infrastructure, systems and installations in the public or semi-public space

  2. 2 Market facilitation

    The facilitation of optimal use of that energy infrastructure

Organisation Governance Risks


Revenue, profit dividend and interest

Revenue, profit
dividend and interest

  • Revenue € 1.6 billion
  • Net profit € 235 million
  • Dividend € 85 million

Investments in networks

Investments in networks

  • About € 700 million of investments in networks and maintenance.

Training and education

Training and development

  • Innovations and pilots in preparation for a new energy system. Various examples are described in the ‘Customers’ chapter.

Employee benefits

Conditions of employ- ment

  • Employee benefit expense: € 569 million, employee satisfaction survey score: 73%, LTIF: 2.1. A quarter of our managers are women.

Social partnerships

Social cooperation

  • New partnerships and alliances, such as Coalitie Groene Netten.

CO2 and waste

CO2 and waste

  • We are working on a circular business model. In 2015, 1% of our procurement was circular and our CO2 emissions amounted to around 800,000 tonnes.



An energy supply
with the greatest
possible safety
and continuity


An energy supply
at the lowest
possible cost
to society


We enable
people to make
their own choices


to our