Alliander is Hiring!

For several years, we have been conducting an intensive recruitment campaign on several fronts (both internal and external) to publicise vacancies for technicians. In 2020, the approach was expanded to include new online initiatives, such as webinars, to inform students and technicians about career opportunities at Alliander. During the webinars, participants were given a live tour of a technician’s van.

Job interviews through online chat

Due to the limitation on face-to-face meetings at the sites, the recruitment process for Alliander colleagues took place entirely online. From March onwards, nearly all job interviews were conducted online. This chat facility was introduced in 2020 as a way of lowering the threshold for job applicants. We even received a Werf& Award for our approach. Werf& is a national online platform in the field of recruitment and selection.

New Alliander colleagues

In 2020, we collaborated with UWV (the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency) and other employers to offer people made redundant by other companies the opportunity of continuing their career at Alliander.
In 2020, employees were once again invited to introduce new technicians to Alliander through the internal referral programme ‘Alliander Werft!’ (‘Alliander is Hiring!’). More than 170 potential candidates were introduced through the programme in 2020, and nineteen of them were offered a contract.