As a major energy network company, we have an important social role in Dutch society. Our social, financial and sustainability performance is of significance in the considerations of shareholders and investors. Having a sound financial position enables us to perform accordingly.

Related topics

This chapter details what we do to ensure that our financial position is sound and remains so in the future. The reported information relates to the topics that stakeholders feel to be important. Furthermore, these activities contribute to achieving an SDG.

Material issues


Stakeholder groups

G) Access to affordable energy



Objectives and results for creditworthiness

Credit rating

Result in 2021:
S&P A+/A-1/stable outlook
Moody’s Aa3/P-1/stable outlook
2021 target:
To retain a solid A rating profile

S&P AA-/A-1+/stable outlook
Moody’s Aa2/P-1/stable outlook in 2020

FFO/net debt

25.8% 2021 result
≥ 15.0% 2021 objective1

24.1% in 2020

Interest cover

17.2 2021 result
≥ 3.5 2021 objective

14.2 in 2020

Net debt/(net debt + equity)

36.7% 2021 result
≤ 60.0% 2021 objective

38.7% in 2020

Solvency ratio

53.8% 2021 result
≥ 30.0% 2021 objective

53.1% in 2020