Working on reliable, affordable and accessible energy

Alliander provides over three million customers with access to energy and is readying the energy networks for a future of renewable energy. Our aim is to ensure that our services meet the needs of our customers where as possible, with a central focus on reliability and convenience. Consumers want to receive adequate and fast services, and have insight into their energy consumption and the price they pay. For business customers, energy is crucial for the continuity of their business. Together with the network operator, they also want to pursue sustainable ambitions in a cost-efficient manner. Alongside end users of energy, more and more market parties are looking to us for services and support. Examples are local renewable energy cooperatives in our regions and independent providers of energy services.

Energy must be available anywhere and anytime: at home around the kitchen table, when shopping online or at Schiphol International Airport. This is what we aim to deliver. We promise our customers three things: reliable, affordable and accessible energy. Based on this threefold commitment, our strategy focuses on four pillars to create value for our customers. These pillars are explained in this chapter.