Building a great place to work

Alliander endeavours to be a great place to work. A great place to work is defined as an organisation that employees trust, where employees are proud to work and where they enjoy working in teams. Every year, we measure our employees' perceptions regarding these aspects.

The 2015 survey had a response rate of 67% (2014: 64%). The level of the Trust Index was 73% (target: 75%), up 6% compared to the previous survey (2014: 67%). Employees indicated that they are particularly satisfied with their own work. As in 2014, the highest scoring dimension was 'pride', which stood at 77%, up 2% compared with 2014. The lowest scoring dimension continued to be 'credibility', which stood at 68% (2014: 60%), although it showed the greatest improvement. Managers and employees discuss the scores with each other in order to give meaning to them and decide on the next steps to be taken.

2015: celebrating the network company's centenary

Our network company was 100 years old in 2015, and that fact was marked with a number of activities for employees. An Energy Pop-up Museum for and by employees was opened in Radio Kootwijk. A special website was also developed where colleagues could share stories about the past, present and future, and a special radio show was made. A festival to thank all employees will be held in 2016.