Going forward: what you can expect from us

In 2016 we will work hard to ensure the energy supply of today and tomorrow. In this context, our distribution area changed with effect from 1 January 2016. As a consequence, we gained a number of new colleagues and also had to let a number of colleagues go.

Our ambition for 2016 is to remain a top-class employer: an innovative and successful company where develop future-oriented knowledge and competences. Furthermore, we will continue to work hard to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. We also want to increase the number of women in leadership positions to 26% in 2016. Currently, one quarter of leadership positions are held by women. Finally, we intend to offer a further 100 work experience placements for people at a distance from the labour market. More information about our plans and objectives for 2016 can be found in the Alliander Year Plan 2016.