Our mission

Energy is essential for our well-being and our prosperity. Without energy we cannot heat our homes, cook, teach or communicate. Our road and rail systems would grind to a halt. And our financial system would cease to function. Energy enables us to live, work and travel. Without energy, nothing works. It is the oxygen that keeps our society moving.

We stand for an energy system where everyone has equal access to reliable, affordable and renewable energy. That is what we work to secure every day.

How we make a difference for customers

Energy enables us to live, work and travel. Three key issues emerged from our stakeholder dialogue with customers:


Customers must have safe and continuous access to energy, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That is why we adhere to safe working practices and avoid scheduled and unscheduled energy interruptions wherever possible.


Customers want to pay as little as possible for their reliable energy supply. That is why we work daily to continue improving our operational effectiveness and efficiency.


Customers must be able to make their own energy choices. That is why we enable customers to choose their own supplier and service providers and to feed energy into the grid. We also actively help customers switch over to renewable energy alternatives.