About Alliander

Alliander is a network company. Every day, we support over three million customers with access to energy. We secure reliable, affordable and accessible energy distribution in a large part of the Netherlands.

Our role in the energy chain

As a network company, Alliander is responsible for the regional distribution of energy, such as electricity, gas, biogas and heating. We neither produce nor trade energy ourselves. That is a task for energy suppliers, purchasers and traders. The vast majority of the energy we distribute comes from energy plants and wind farms, through the national energy networks of TenneT and Gasunie, or from imports.
In addition, a growing number of consumers and businesses are feeding self-generated energy into our energy networks. To facilitate the resulting interaction between energy demand and supply, our company needs to assume a new role. Alliander ensures that all energy is distributed as safely and efficiently as possible from source to end user - for instance from wind turbines to households or e-vehicle charging points.

Alliander in the energy chain

How we are organised

Alliander consists of a group of companies, employing about 7,150 people in total. Together, we stand for high-quality knowledge of energy networks, energy technology and technical innovation. The shareholders of Alliander are Dutch provinces and municipalities. Together with them and our partners, we discuss our plans for the future and offer solutions for complex energy infrastructure issues.


Network operation is our core activity. Network operator Liander keeps the energy infrastructure in good condition to ensure the daily distribution of gas and electricity to millions of consumers and businesses.


Liandon focuses on the construction and maintenance of intelligent energy infrastructures. This business unit also acts as Alliander's knowledge centre within the Dutch energy market and beyond.


Allego develops e-charging solutions and infrastructure for municipalities, businesses and transport companies. It invests in the placement and management of e-charging posts and stations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Alliander Duurzame Gebiedsontwikkeling (DGO)

Alliander DGO engages in the development, construction and management of alternative energy infrastructures, such as heating and biogas networks. To this end, it connects landowners, public authorities, energy providers and users to help them achieve their sustainability ambitions.


Meetbedrijf Kenter delivers innovative energy measurement and management solutions to cost-aware and sustainably-minded business customers. This includes placing meters, supplying reliable measurement data and providing insight into energy consumption with online analyses. Kenter originated from Liander Meetbedrijf and has been an independent business unit of Alliander since 1 May 2016.

Alliander Germany

Alliander AG is a small-scale service provider and partner of network operators, cities and municipalities in Germany. The company manages electricity and gas networks, public lighting and traffic lights in e.g. Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Hessen. The company facilitates affordable energy systems and helps communities with smart energy solutions.

Other activities relating to the energy transition

Alliander explores and engages in business activities that fit our company's strategy and role in the transition towards a more sustainable energy system. Examples are Energy Exchange EnablersSmart Society Services, Locoland and Zown

2016 in figures)

Number of customer connections

5.6 m

Number of employees


Electricity outage duration

23 minutes


797 kt


1.6 € bn


680 € m

Total assets

7.7 € bn

Operating profit

282 € m

Our service area

Electricity and gas


Grid length

90,000 km
42,000 km