What must be done

The Paris objectives can only be achieved if all parties jointly commit to a fundamental transformation of the existing energy system. The first vital step is to promote energy saving measures (such as the insulation of homes and buildings). Next, alternative heating systems must be realized, such as heating networks, biogas and electricity. The take-up of e-vehicles will also accelerate. And, finally, renewable generation will continue to grow, with the aid of solar panels, wind turbines and other clean technologies. The exact roadmap and the pace of the transition are not yet clear. That is why we must work with our customers and other stakeholders to facilitate a timely transition to a sustainable energy system.

One possible scenario

The trends, developments and issues in the world around us constitute the basis of our strategy. This describes how we as a company deal with the challenges of the changing energy system. Our strategy outlines how we will respond to this, while our SWOT analysis sets out where the opportunities and challenges lie for our organisation.