Alliander is an attractive employer, which operates as a sustainable partner in the energy market. We see opportunities in cooperation in local and regional level. In 2016, we also therefore our relationship with municipalities intensified in our service area. We work together on energy issues of today and tomorrow. In implementing our strategy we encounter a number of challenges to our organization. For example the shortage of technical capacity for work. For this, we are now including an extensive recruitment campaign began to find enough employees who can perform the work. We further see that we cannot act quickly enough, for example customer questions. We work on operational excellence. Our CO2 emissions are finally high, partly due to grid losses incurred in transporting energy. With a large number of activities, we aim to be carbon neutral by 2023. Finally, we see also necessary threats, such as the unpredictability of the (speed) energy, cybercrime and changing regulations. These threats and how we anticipate, be extended described in the risk information.