Our customers and the energy transition

Energy must be available anywhere and anytime. And it must be accessible to everyone on equal terms. This is what we stand for. Alliander has over three million customers and is readying the energy networks for a sustainable future. To succeed in our mission, we must align our services to the demands and needs of our customers. And excel in reliability and convenience.

The expectations of our customers

Consumers count on us to deliver a good and fast service. Any faults that occur must be resolved as quickly as possible. Customers who generate energy - using solar panels, for instance - need to know that surpluses can be fed into the network. Our business customers depend on energy for the continuity of their operations. In addition, our customers are increasingly embracing sustainability ambitions, either as individuals or in collectives. The local renewable energy cooperatives in our regions are a case in point. With our product and service offering, we endeavour to help our customers fulfil their ambitions.

Our ambition

We aim to deliver reliable, affordable and accessible energy. Our strategy is specifically geared towards achieving this aim. With this strategy, we seek to create value for our customers through a four-pillar approach. This part of the annual report explains our four key pillars in more detail.