Alliander employs about 7,150 people. Together they secure a reliable energy supply. We offer them a safe and healthy working environment that they can be proud of. In this way, we challenge them to get the best out of their knowledge, expertise and creativity.

This chapter is about what we do for the Employee stakeholder group. Our colleagues have indicated that they most want to read about 'safe and healthy working practices' and 'training & development'. This report therefore sets out our results on these issues. For information on how the most important topics were identified, please see the Materiality analysis.


2.1 or lower

Employee absenteeism

3.9 % maximum
4 %

Employee survey score

75 % minimum
70 %

Active safety culture percentage

30.0 % minimum
34.0 %

Women in leadership positions

26.0 % minimum
24.7 %

People at a distance from the labour market

100 minimum

Health, employability and diversity of our employees touch on many complex challenges. For one thing, we were confronted with a vast amount of work in 2016 – more, in fact, than we were able to handle. Another challenge was to maintain our competences in a sector that is changing rapidly and constantly demanding more and new skills from our employees. In 2016, there were also many reorganisations and our social plan came to an end. Finally, we needed to raise health & safety awareness across the company. All these themes demanded the undiminished attention of our organisation.