Material issues

This part of the report expands on the aspects relating to the material issues.

Reference list for material themes in the annual report

Health and safety: Employees - Safety/Fit and healthy employees
Reliability of supply: Customers - Pillar 4: Excellent network management
Safe infrastructure: Customers - Pillar 4: Excellent network management
Innovative solutions: Customers - Introduction
Satisfied customers: Customers - Customer convenience
Facilitation of renewable energy generation: Customers - Introduction/Pillar 1: Support for customers in making choices 
Training & Development: Employees - Alliander as an employer
Responsible communication and information: Customers - Customer convenience
Corporate social responsibility in the supply chain: Shareholders and investors - Our sustainability performance
Responsible investment policy: Shareholders and investors - How finance and sustainability go hand in hand
Corporate Governance and business ethics: Corporate governance
Workplace wellbeing: Employees - Introduction/Fit and healthy employees/Alliander as an employer
Access to energy: Sustainable Development Goals/Customers - Introduction/Pillar 4: Excellent network management
Privacy and safety of data: Risks/Customers - Pillar 3: Digitisation