Alliander is an attractive employer, and is active as a sustainable partner in the energy market. Partnership at local and regional level is essential in order to address the challenges facing our organisation. As in 2017, we further intensified our relations with municipal authorities in our service area, including organising a series of masterclasses for municipal authorities. In implementing our strategy we run up against a number of challenges within our organisation. One such is the shortage of technically qualified staff. To address this we are engaged in an extensive recruitment campaign and are seeking to involve partners in the sector as well as educational institutions. We also recognise that we cannot act too quickly when it comes to things like customer queries. In this regard, our efforts are geared to operational excellence. Another thing is that our CO2 emissions are high, partly due to the grid losses inherent in energy distribution. On a large number of activities, we aim to be carbon-neutral by 2023. Finally, there are the inevitable threats as well, such as the unpredictability of the energy transition and the speed at which it is likely to occur, cybercrime and a changing regulatory environment. These threats and what we are doing to address them are described in greater detail in the risk information.