Fit and healthy employees

It is important to Alliander that our employees can remain sufficiently fit, motivated and skilled for their work, both now and in the future. In addition to a dialogue between managers and employees, Alliander promotes the long-term employability of employees through a special budget and a vitality programme. These investments serve to keep our people in good shape and ready for the work of the future.

Raising awareness of importance of long-term employability

When it comes to long-term employability, all our employees make their own decisions. While some employees are keen to achieve a good work-life balance, others who perform more physically demanding work may be interested in taking on a less physically demanding role so that they can continue working until they reach their retirement age. To raise awareness in this area, we organised a long-term employability event in September, where employees could take workshops with career counsellors, for instance. Moreover, during the year under review, employees at various business units started using the Koersplan (‘Course plan’) tool to work out which investments need to be made to ensure they remain highly employable, both today and in the future. In addition, starting in October 2018, employees with career questions have been able to contact Loopbaanplein (‘Career Plaza’), a central location where they can consult with a career counsellor.


In 2018, the absenteeism rate was 4.7% (2017: 4.2%). The average for our sector in the Netherlands is 4.5%. The rise in absenteeism is attributable to the flu epidemic at the start of 2018 and an increase in long-term absenteeism. Together with our occupational health and safety service, we made plans to improve the prevention and reduction of absenteeism. We also looked at best practices within Alliander. We will therefore continue to invest heavily in absenteeism reduction in the years ahead.