Reliability of supply

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Theme definition

Uninterrupted availability of energy through grids and installations that are keenly attuned to the needs of our customers and society as a whole.

Stakeholder expectation

Continuous supply of energy is of great social importance. Interruptions have a direct impact on the interests of our stakeholders. Customers demand immediate information about interruptions, as well as an indication of the estimated outage time.

Our long-term objective

Our objective is a high reliability of supply. Our target for repeat outages is that the number of unique cable numbers with more than five interruptions remains a maximum of 17 in the coming years.

Contribution from Alliander

We work daily to secure a continuous energy supply, both now and in preparation for the future. We invested €755 million in the quality of our networks to increase their reliability. Our outage duration was 21.9 minutes in 2019. The score for repeat outages was 17.

Relationship with Alliander impact model: manufactured capital

The prosperity value of energy transmission for society is high and makes a strong contribution to the well-being of customers. Interruptions in the availability of energy lead to a relatively strong impairment of customer well-being.

Correlation with strategy

Safety, long-term regulatory focus, required capacity and competences, anticipating and keeping up with the energy transition, cybercrime


Safety, availability of technical staff in labour market, insufficient long-term regulatory focus, required competences, facilitation of energy transition, cybercrime

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