Safe working practices and infrastructure

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Theme definition

Work on gas and electricity infrastructure involves risks. Safe working practices without incidents are vital for all stakeholders. The safety of networks for everyone involved is our highest priority. The possibility that incidents could occur in the energy network means a targeted approach is even more crucial.

Stakeholder expectation

Safe working practices are vital for all stakeholders. Employees expect a working environment where they can concentrate and work safely. Customers expect us to guarantee their safety during the performance of our work.

Our long-term objective

Everyone safely home! That is Alliander’s safety ambition. In addition, Alliander promotes a culture where safety comes first. This culture can be described as: 'Alliander wants to find out which safety rules are considered important, listen and learn, and take ownership. The responsibility for safety and regulatory compliance mainly rests with the senior management. Safety is a top-of-mind concern and that is appreciated.'

Contribution from Alliander

Alliander goes by the ‘Life-Saving Rules’. A safe working environment and culture of safety help us raise safety awareness and ensure safer behaviour.  In 2019, we investigated the exposure to hazardous substances, notably chromium-6-6 and benzene.  In 2019, there were 25 lost-time accidents and 38 accidents that did not result in employees having to take time off work, which played a part in Alliander’s LTIF rising to 2.1.

Relationship with Alliander impact model: human capital

Work-related accidents and sickness impair the well-being and happiness of those concerned. As an employer, Alliander always aims to make a positive contribution to the well-being of employees.

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