Customer satisfaction

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Theme definition

Customers count on excellence in our service, communications, and handling of interruptions and complaints. We respond adequately to customer needs and actively promote customer satisfaction.

Stakeholder expectation

Customers count on excellent service, communication and handling of interruptions, questions and complaints. Municipalities and business customers expect a clear point of contact and that we deliver on our commitments. We respond adequately to customer needs and actively promote customer satisfaction. Via and our telephone customer service, stakeholders can report complaints or malpractices relating to our company and activities carried out in our name.

Our long-term objective

Customer convenience will rise further in the coming years and will remain higher than the national benchmark of Dutch network operators.  

Contribution from Alliander

We work daily to secure a continuous energy supply, both now and in preparation for the future. The quality of our services and communications vis-à-vis business customers and municipalities was improved. Our digital services were improved for all our customers thanks to our continuous online accessibility and short response times. The website experience for consumers and business customers was also further enhanced. Our performance was above the benchmark for business customers, and just below the benchmark for consumers. Customer convenience measured by the NES score is higher than 50% (consumer market) and 40% (business market). Result for consumers is 55% and business customers 33%.

Relationship with Alliander impact model: Manufactured capital

Satisfied customers strengthen the sense of well-being derived from the availability of energy. A decrease in satisfaction rating has an impact on the consumer surplus.   

Correlation with strategy



Completion of work package, privacy of energy data, cybersecurity, capacity for change

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