Our strategy

The foremost development has been and is the drive towards making the energy supply more sustainable, and the pace of this change will continue to accelerate. Our stakeholders expect us to pursue a strategy that sees us making a substantial contribution towards the new energy landscape. To absorb the effects of the energy transition Alliander applies a four-pillar strategy.

1. We support customers in making choices that work for them as well as for the energy system as a whole.

We want to make it attractive for customers to consume energy when supplies are plentiful, feed power back into the grid when supplies are low, and use the energy network as little as possible during times of peak load. For this, we are rolling out the smart meter and working on different tariffs for the use of the electricity grid so that we can make better use of our current grid.

2. Investing in new open networks

New energy networks are being created that are not accessible to everyone under the same conditions. We prefer, however, to develop new open networks, such as open district heating networks, to make it possible in every local situation to choose the best option in terms of sustainability and (minimising) costs to society.

3. Digitalisation

New technology, both hardware and software, is an unprecedented enabler in operating our networks, and in preventing or troubleshooting outages. It also enables us to fine tune our investments in the networks, gearing these to the actual condition of our networks rather than blindly applying standard rules. 

4. Excellent network management

The reason for our existence is to ensure that our energy networks remain among the most reliable in the world. Safety is the number one priority, closely followed by the highest level of reliability possible. The reliability of supply via our networks is 99.99%. We also work towards providing the highest level of customer convenience possible.