Profile of Alliander

Alliander is working on creating a future-proof energy network. We are driven by the social importance of keeping energy reliable, affordable and accessible for everyone. With our knowledge and skills, we are helping the Netherlands make the right choices in the energy transition.

Alliander N.V. is a network company comprising a group of companies employing some 7,300 people (6,800 FTEs) in all, including agency workers. Together, we stand for high-quality knowledge of energy networks, energy technology and technical innovation. With our partners and shareholders, we discuss our plans for the future and offer solutions to complex energy transition issues. The shares are held by Dutch provinces and municipalities.

Our role in the energy chain

We have been statutorily tasked with managing and further developing the gas and electricity grid. We also actively facilitate markets in the provision of products and services that help create a future-proof energy network. We are building and maintaining the infrastructure, and we manage energy flows. We track who produces or consumes energy: when, where, and how much. We are on hand 24/7 to deal with outages; after all, without energy everything comes to a standstill.

As an independent party, we give customers the kind of insights that help them develop their energy supply. We show them exactly what the energy network can handle and are clear on the social expenditure involved in different choices. We conceive and implement innovative solutions for the future-proofing of the energy network. Sustainability plays a key role in the choices we make. This is how we are working together on an energy network that is right for everyone.

How we are organised