Alliander plays a central role in the energy supply domain and is moreover an attractive employer that is committed to high-quality professional skills. Partnership at local and regional level is essential in order to address the challenges facing our organisation. As in 2018, we further intensified our relations with municipal authorities in our service area in 2019. Alliander furthermore advises regional parties on possibilities for energy generation from renewable sources (Regional Energy Strategy [RES]). In implementing our strategy we run up against a number of challenges within our organisation. One such is the shortage of technically qualified staff. To address this we are engaged in an extensive recruitment campaign and are seeking to involve partners in the sector as well as educational institutions. We also recognise that we are unable to respond quickly enough when it comes to things like customer queries. The limited capacity of the network combined with soaring applications is making great demands on the organisation’s capacity for change. We need to be able to do a lot more at greater pace and come up with and implement solutions faster. Smart technology and innovations can help us with that.
Finally, we have identified inevitable threats as well, such as cybercrime and privacy of energy data, changing regulations, and our long-term financeability. These threats and what we are doing to address them are described in greater detail in the Risks chapter.