Support for customers in making choices

We enable customers to make choices that are not just good for them, but also for our energy supply as a whole. It should be attractive for customers to consume energy when supplies are plentiful, feed power back into the grid when demand is high, and use the energy network as little as possible during times of peak load. We connect supply and demand and help make the best social choices for advancing the new energy system. This includes flexible handling of energy supply and demand, options for smart charging of cars, technical innovation, and hydrogen pilots. The local renewable energy supply must be designed in a comprehensive, coordinated fashion. In view of our legal responsibility for the transmission of electricity and gas and our knowledge and expertise, we can make a major contribution to this. In this context, we work with other parties both within and outside the energy sector. 

Progress energy transition in our service area

Solar energy installed capacity

2,222 MW
1,501 MW in 2018

Wind energy installed capacity

1,321 MW
1,246 MW in 2018

Quantity of green gas fed in

41.4 million m3
33.0 million m3 in 2018

Number of public charging points

4,354 in 2018

Rising number of renewable feed-in customers

We are connecting ever more charging points, wind turbines and solar farms to the power grid. Green gas producers are also increasingly turning to us for connections so that they can feed their renewable gas into the natural gas network. This trend continued in 2019, with the number of registered connections with an active feed-in installation in our service area increasing from around 271,000 to in the range of 381,000 (up 37%).