Labour market for technical talent

In 2019, we filled 262 technical specialist vacancies. Finding suitable candidates is becoming increasingly difficult. Moreover, training people to carry out our specific work takes a long time and puts great pressure on experienced operational staff. We believe it is our task to ensure a growing job market for technicians in the next few years. We are doing this by, for example, demonstrating how interesting and challenging our work is, on social media and elsewhere. We offer training opportunities to newcomers to our sector, young people, and people at a distance from the labour market, and we work with the education sector to increase interest in technology among young people, their parents and teachers.

Twenty-year-old Stijn de Groot from Diepenveen talks about the training programme at Alliander, which he started following in 2019. Over a period of two years, Stijn and his fellow students are being prepared for a higher professional technical position, first gaining work experience at Alliander before getting an accredited diploma in electrical engineering.