Being an attractive, inclusive employer with equal opportunities for all

Alliander employs about 7,300 people (6,800 FTEs), including agency/contract workers, who all work together to ensure a reliable, affordable and accessible energy supply. These people are an indispensable link in the daily performance of our tasks.

Alliander acknowledges the importance of good employment practices and has the ambition to be a top-class employer, i.e. an inclusive place of employment where employees trust the people they work with, have opportunities for personal development, are proud of what they do, and work in a pleasant atmosphere with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners to ensure the energy supply for a sustainable tomorrow.

Related topics

This chapter describes what we do in the area of recruitment and the composition of our company. The information relates to several topics the stakeholders feel are important. Furthermore, these activities contribute to achieving an SDG:

Related material issues

⑥ Talent acquisition and development
⑨ Company’s adaptability
⑬ Workplace well-being

Contribution to SDG
Related stakeholder groups


Objectives and results employees

Employee absenteeism

4.3 % maximum
4.2 %
4.7 % in 2018

Employee survey score

71 % minimum
70 %1
70 % in 2018

Women in leadership positions

29.3 % minimum
26.9 %
28.8 % in 2018

People with a distance from the labour market2

100 minimum
101 3
95 in 2018
  • 1 We did not conduct an employee survey in 2019. Instead, the focus was on the strategy alignment survey and discussing the outcomes of this with all employees. Due to this the figure from the end of 2018 has been used. Alliander has the ambition to be a top-class employer and will launch a new employee survey in 2020.
  • 2 From 2019 Alliander is taking measures in accordance with the Dutch Participation Act.
  • 3 The figure for employees at a distance from the labour market comprises 64 employees working for us under the Dutch Participation Act and another 37 employees with a work experience placement.