Events after the balance sheet date

On 8 January 2020, Alliander Corporate Ventures B.V. signed a share purchase agreement (SPA) for the purchase of 100% of the shares of both Twinning Research Network Twente B.V. and TReNT Infrastructuur B.V. from TReNT Holding B.V. as of the same date. 

TReNT is an organisation with 18 employees that operates a fibre optic network of roughly 1,900km with approximately 650 connected customers through over 2,000 connections. Their annual revenue amounts to approximately €10 million. With the acquisition of TReNT, Alliander becomes the owner of its own telecommunications infrastructure in the service area of its network operator Liander in the eastern part of the Netherlands. It is Alliander’s policy to own this telecommunications infrastructure, because it is crucial for Alliander’s ability to safely operate its electricity and gas network. In a large part of the Liander service area, Alliander already owns the telecommunications infrastructure. And this will now also be the case in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

Given that recent financial figures are not available for TReNT at this point, the (provisional) Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) under IFRS 3 has not yet been finalised and the associated notes have not yet been included. It will be finalised at a later stage.