Facilitating renewable energy generation

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Issue definition

We are increasingly seeing that consumers and businesses are generating their own energy. As a result, network operators are facing numerous issues, such as their renewable energy feed-in capacity or them being allowed to take responsibility for the promotion of renewable energy.

Stakeholder expectation

We are seeing a trend where consumers and businesses are increasingly generating their own energy. Network operators are not permitted to distinguish by customers and their energy choices. As we advance towards the new energy system, energy generation based on fluctuating sources such as solar and wind is becoming increasingly important. In this context, we participate in pilots together with other parties, such as suppliers and consumers, in order to learn from these. Customers expect us to help them make new energy choices.

Our long-term objective

All municipalities must have their district-by-district plan for the transition from gas to clean energy completed by the end of 2021. In the design of these plans, Alliander is applying its knowledge and experience of existing energy networks to help the municipalities avoid making suboptimum choices and incurring unnecessary costs for society. For locally generated power in our regions, Alliander wants to be able to respond positively to all new applications for a feed-in to the grid.

Contribution from Alliander

Alliander wants to respond actively to the changing energy landscape. In 2020 we worked on innovations, including cable pooling, curtailment and congestion management. We have been looking at smart energy solutions together with customers and partners and gaining experience. Our business activities in the field of heating, for example, help customers make responsible energy choices.

Relationship with Alliander impact model: manufactured capital, natural capital

Renewable energy feed-in has a positive effect on customer well-being. An increasing share of renewable energy leads to a reduction of carbon emissions in the supply chain.

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