Talent acquisition and development

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Issue definition

Technology and organisations are changing continuously and at a rapid pace. Working has turned into lifelong learning. To be able to attract and further develop talent, we offer working conditions that give employees sufficient scope to advance in their career and encourage them to stay fit and healthy.

Stakeholder expectation

Technology and organisations are changing continuously and at a rapid pace. Working has become continuous learning: employees and labour market partners expect Alliander to enable them to stay fit at and for work through courses and training. Alliander works hard to promote training and development.

Our long-term objective

We aim to invest 3% of the wage bill in employee training. We offer long-term work to people with poor job prospects who meet the criteria of the Labour Participation Act. In addition, we offer work experience placements, internships and other learning experiences for a broad target group. We will meet the requirements of the Dutch Labour Participation Quota Act by 2024.

Contribution from Alliander

To find solutions for the energy issues of today and tomorrow, we invest a lot. In technology and, above all, in our people. We offer excellent compensation and benefits. To help our employees get the best out of themselves. That is good for them and good for the company. Employees are actively encouraged to develop their professional and personal skills with a range of training and development opportunities. Special attention is devoted to safety training for specialist roles or roles involving specific risks. Last year, Alliander welcomed 316 new technicians. Furthermore, 9 recruits with asylum status received training to carry out installation and maintenance work on the electricity grid. In 2020, Alliander invested 2.4% of its wage bill in employee training (2019: 2.7%).

Relationship with Alliander impact model: human capital

Employee development has a positive impact on human capital as well as on the level of education on the job market.  

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