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Issue definition

The energy system is changing at a great pace, which comes with different requirements for the energy network. To create a new energy system at low social costs, we must develop new infrastructures and make effective and efficient use of existing ones. It is crucial to ensure that infrastructures, both today and in the future, be 'open', i.e. accessible to everyone on equal terms.

Stakeholder expectation

Stakeholders expect to be able to continue to rely on access to energy in the future. Alliander takes care of adjustments and innovations in its system that enable permanent access to energy for its customers. 

Our long-term objective

To create infrastructure in good time to meet the Dutch Climate Agreement targets in 2030 and 2050. Planned investments in our networks amount to €883 million.

Contribution from Alliander

Digital technology and technological innovations are paving the way for more efficient network management, reducing the need for upgrades. Digitalisation also produces data that enables customers to make energy choices that are right for them, as well as for the network. On top of that, we invest proactively in building and maintaining infrastructure to keep quality high. Together with our partners across the industry, we intend to compile a master plan that captures what needs to be done, as well as when and where. The Regional Energy Strategies to which we contribute knowledge and skills are crucial in this respect.

Relationship with Alliander impact model: manufactured capital

By investing in technology, new market models and platforms, we are preparing our networks for new requirements and continuing to create value for our customers.

Link with strategy

To help customers make energy choices, invest in open networks, digitalisation, and excellent network management.


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