Our strategy

Our strategy comprises four pillars, which stand firmly on a solid and future-proof foundation: a safe, cost-conscious, sustainable and inclusive organisation. This combination of strategy and structure helps us to fulfil our social mission both now and in the future. 

Excellent network management

The absolute reason for our existence is to ensure that our energy networks remain among the most reliable in the world. Given the challenges that are coming at us, we have decided to do a number of things differently: we are going to improve our planning of where and when work is required on our networks, take a more forward-looking approach to investing in our networks, and do more in less time. 

Support for customers in making choices

In the energy system for 2030, customers play a role in making better use of existing networks. We want to support customers in making choices that work for them as well as for the energy system as a whole. What this boils down to is that we want to make it attractive for customers to consume energy when supplies are plentiful and feed power back into the grid when supplies are low in order to smooth the pressures on the energy network as much as possible at times of peak load. This way, the available network capacity is used to the maximum degree, peak load is prevented as much as possible, and we can design the best possible energy system for the future. We collaborate with market parties, such as energy suppliers and programme managers, to future-proof market facilitation processes. We ensure correct data exchange with suppliers and other parties in today’s energy market.

Investing in new open networks

In the future energy system, we will have to cope with a great diversity of energy sources and energy carriers. We have the ambition to be the owner and operator of various energy infrastructures in the Netherlands. Infrastructures that are open to everyone, like the electricity and gas grids. Our primary focus in this process is on district heating networks and hydrogen.


Digitalisation is an unprecedented enabler in operating our networks, and in preventing outages or troubleshooting them faster. It also enables us to fine tune our investments in the networks, gearing these to the actual condition of our networks. And so, we are embracing digitalisation to be able to better plan our work, speed up processes, make the work easier for technicians, serve customers better and faster, and better manage the energy flows in our networks.