We achieve 99.99% availability in our energy networks, making them among the most reliable in the world. The supply reliability in 2020 remained unchanged at this extremely high level. Planned expansions and smart solutions helped us to partially mitigate the shortage of transmission capacity. Even so, the number of transmission bottlenecks rose sharply. In the coming years, a lot of work still needs to be done to advance the energy transition.

Related topics

This chapter is about our measures in the area of reliability of supply and customer convenience. The information relates to several topics the stakeholders feel are important. Furthermore, these activities contribute to achieving an SDG.

Related material issues

A) Reliability of supply
D) Working together on innovative solutions
E) Data-driven network management
G) Satisfied customers
I) Company’s adaptability
J) Future-proof network
O) Access to affordable energy

Contribution to SDGs
Related stakeholder groups

Customers, shareholders and investors

Objectives and results for reliability of supply

Customer convenience rated by consumers

54% 2020 result
≥ 53% 2020 objective

55% in 2019.

Customer convenience rated by business customers

35% 2020 result
≥ 32% 2020 objective

33% in 2019. 

Electricity outage duration1

23.2 2020 result
in minutes
≤ 23.0 2020 objective
in minutes

21.9 minutes in 2019

Realisation of planned
smart meter offering

403,000 2020
≥ 375,000 2020 objective

624,000 in 2019

Cable numbers with >5 interruptions

17 2020 result
≤ 17 2020 objective

17 in 2019

  • 1 The figure for electricity outage duration differs from the figure stated in the regulatory report, because interruptions in the high-voltage network (CBL assets) owned by Alliander are not taken into consideration in the regulatory report.