Privacy is a fundamental right that gives you the freedom to be who you are and to choose how you act. Privacy is about people retaining control over their data. Citizens must be able to entrust their personal data to organisations in the knowledge that it will be handled with care. Alliander processes personal data, including that of customers and employees. More personal data was exchanged digitally in 2020, partly due to the COVID-19 crisis, working from home and using video calling apps. Alliander has selected office automation platforms that meet its requirements. This ensures protection of the privacy of our employees, our network and our customers.

Processing energy data

Together with the other network operators, we are working on updating the code of conduct for processing energy data from smart meters. We are also working together to ensure responsible use of our customers’ energy data.

Data breaches

In 2020, we detected and investigated 29 data breaches. In six cases, the investigation established that these were data breaches that must be reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority pursuant to the GDPR and the Dutch law implementing the GDPR. All the data breaches reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority were situations where the network operators had joint responsibility, given that the breaches concerned centralised processing.