Notes to the consolidated financial statements 

Accounting policies

Alliander N.V. is a public limited liability company, with registered offices in Arnhem (Utrechtseweg 68, 6812 AH Arnhem) in the Netherlands.

The 2021 financial statements were signed by the members of the Management Board and the members of the Supervisory Board on 21 February 2022. The Supervisory Board will submit the financial statements for adoption by the General Meeting of Shareholders on 13 April 2022. The accounting policies are based on the assumption of a going concern.

The Alliander group

Alliander N.V. is a public limited liability company, with registered offices in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The principal activities of Alliander and its wholly-owned subsidiaries (also referred to here as ‘Alliander’, ‘the Alliander group’, ‘the group’ or similar expressions) are the operation of electricity and gas networks covering roughly one-third of the Netherlands, and the provision of related services.

The subsidiary Liander owns and manages the regional gas and electricity networks in the provinces of Gelderland, Friesland, Noord-Holland and parts of Zuid-Holland, Flevoland and Noordoostpolder. Under the Electricity Act 1998 and the Gas Act the management of the networks and regional distribution of electricity and gas are the exclusive responsibility of the network operator. Qirion provides services relating to the construction and maintenance of complex energy infrastructures. Among other things, Alliander AG performs activities relating to network management. Kenter B.V. focuses on innovative solutions for energy metering and energy management. The activities of Alliander Telecom N.V., TReNT B.V., TReNT Infra B.V. and the joint operation CDMA Utilities B.V. centre around data communications for the group and for third parties. Through its subsidiaries set up in recent years, including Firan and ENTRNCE, Alliander has taken the initiative in and is facilitating developments and activities aimed at creating a sustainable energy supply for the Netherlands.

Non-controlling interests

There are third-party non-controlling interests in Alliander’s activities. As at year-end 2021, this concerned a 5% interest on the part of the Municipality of Nijmegen in Indigo B.V., a 5% interest on the part of the Municipality of Hengelo in Warmtenetwerk Hengelo B.V., a 5% interest on the part of the Municipality of Didam in Warmtenetwerk Didam B.V. and a 25% interest in Warmte-Infrastructuur Limburg Geothermie B.V., all of which are subsidiaries of Firan. See note [12].


As of the 2021 financial year, Alliander, as a securities-issuing institution in the European Union, is obliged to publish its annual report digitally. This must be done according to the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF). ESEF makes the reports published by issuing institutions more accessible and facilitates the analysis of and comparability between annual financial reports. The annual financial report is therefore drawn up in XHTML, with the amounts in the consolidated balance sheet, the income statement, the cash flow statement and the statement of changes in equity being linked (tagged) to the ESEF taxonomy. The other parts of the financial statements are also included in the XHTML document. The external auditor is required to check that the annual report in XHTML is in line with the Regulatory Technical Requirements for ESEF.