Note 33 Assets and liabilities held for sale and discontinued operations

Assets held for sale and liabilities in respect of assets held for sale at year-end 2021 all relate to the assets and liabilities of Stam. An agreement was reached in December 2021 with the Van Gelder Group about acquiring all the shares in Stam. This transfer took place on 10 January 2022. For further explanation, see note [36], Events after balance sheet date.

The land (€2 million) belonging to one of our sites was reclassified in 2021 from assets held for sale to property, plant and equipment. The reason for this is that the sale is not expected to be completed until 2023.

The assets held for sale item as at year-end 2020 (€3 million) relates to the business premises and the land at one of our sites. The business premises were sold in 2021.

No operations were discontinued in 2021 or 2020.