Developments in open networks

Open district heating networks under independent network management make a significant contribution to the heating transition. The district heating networks we construct for our partners exploit the potential of residual heat (e.g. from data centres), biomass, collective heat and cold storage, aquathermal energy, geothermal energy and other heat sources. In 2021, we worked in various places to construct or further expand open district heating networks in Dutch municipalities. We also signed new collaboration agreements. The following are examples of ongoing projects and initiatives:


Together with the municipality of Montferland and housing corporation Plavei, we started to build a district heating network for 222 homes. The homes will initially use a system with a collective air source heat pump. In peak periods and as a backup, the system uses gas-fired boilers. 


In Zaanstad, flats in the Peldersveld district are supplied with heat through an open district heating network. In the summer of 2021, the newly built natural gas-free Gouwpark district was connected to this network. The main pipe in the district heating network was also extended towards 529 newly built houses in the Oostzijderpark district in the summer of 2021. Finally, in September 2021, the district heating piping was installed in readiness for the planned De Slag swimming pool.


In April 2021, a letter of intent was signed by the municipality of Zutphen, Woonbedrijf ieder1, ZutphenEnergie energy cooperative, Alliander and the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management for the development of a sustainable and affordable, open and modular district heating network for over 700 homes in the Helbergen district. The network will use thermal energy from the surface water of the IJssel River.

Amsterdam Buikslotermeer and Harderwijk

In Amsterdam Buikslotermeer, we are working with housing corporation De Key to investigate the possibilities for a district heating network for eight apartment blocks that will recover heat from wastewater. In Harderwijk, a project is underway to heat over 1,000 new homes in the new Waterfront district with residual heat from a sewage treatment plant.