An agile and responsive organisation

We need to adapt how we work together in order to achieve our mission. This requires us, as Alliander, to have a shared vision of our goal, operate as an agile, effective and cost-efficient organisation and work as one team. To achieve this together, we have taken steps in the past year to get our new organisational set-up working. We also launched an OGSM approach (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures) in 2021, which has been rolled out to all units within the organisation. This method creates focus and boosts progress. In reflection of that, we have started to work with a consultative structure in which we identify priorities and make adjustments as necessary each quarter, take decisions to clarify our focus and act to ensure that we can fulfil our primary social mission. This requires all employees to reflect, learn and perform. With the help of coaches, the first teams have started applying this method.