Our strategy

Our strategy comprises four pillars resting on a strong foundation. This helps us to fulfil our social mission, both now and in the future. Alliander will continue with the strategic course set in the previous year, but the specific details have been further refined to achieve the required acceleration and to prepare for the developments described in the previous section.

1. Excellent network management

We aim to be an excellent, responsive network operator by fulfilling the wishes of our customers and other stakeholders. Firstly, this involves further optimising the maintenance of the existing networks and investing in providing information to customers.
Alliander is intensifying its collaboration with its customers and stakeholders, including municipalities, to be able to prepare in good time for plans for housing, businesses and charging points. The aim is to be able to ensure at an early stage that we have sufficient skilled employees, materials and physical space to expand above and below ground.
In addition, the scaling up of production will be accelerated by implementing far-reaching standardisation and simplification of processes, for example through digitalisation, so that more can be done with the same number of skilled workers. Collaboration with Alliander’s partners will be expanded and large amounts of the work will be contracted out.

2. Support for customers with making choices

Scarcity in the electricity network will increase in the coming years and so we must make efficient use of the available capacity. In particular, we will use smart solutions such as congestion management. In this solution, customers receive a discount for making system-efficient choices (good for themselves and good for the energy system). The developments also require us and our stakeholders to have more control over the design of the energy system across regions. Alliander is a trusted, independent partner for the energy market in such matters and a relevant partner in the energy transition.

3. Investing in open networks

A reliable, affordable and accessible energy system in the sustainable future will consist of multiple energy carriers. In addition to the management of the network for electricity and the current natural and green gases, Alliander acts as an infrastructure manager for various other energy carriers, including district heating and sustainable gases, such as through the reuse of the existing gas network. We exert a proactive and strategic influence over regulatory changes in order to help safeguard the affordability and reliability of the energy network. This means that we ensure balance in the energy supply and an integrated design for regional energy systems. In addition, we are working on an energy network in which optimum use is made of the various energy carriers so that the energy supply for all sectors operates reliably and is affordable at all times of the day and across all seasons.

4. Digitalisation

We are radically accelerating the programmes to digitalise our grids, our work processes and market facilitation through a value-driven digitalisation process supported by reliable and flexible IT. This means that we have real-time information on the network and are able to influence energy flows, that our processes (in the office and in the field) contribute optimally to our goals, that our market-facilitating task is developed further, and that we contribute to the digitalisation of the energy market.

The foundation

We are an effective, safe, cost-conscious, sustainable and inclusive organisation. This means that we get ‘everyone safely home’, and that we are working to significantly increase production together with our partners, while at the same time further improving our cost efficiency. Our effective decision-making results in focus, proactive anticipation of developments in the world around us and active management to achieve our goals. We have also integrated a ‘broad view of well-being’ in our decision-making and we promote circular network management. As an employer, we invest in future-oriented knowledge, the sustainable employability of our employees and in creating and maintaining an inclusive work environment.