An agile and responsive organisation

Alliander can only facilitate a changing energy system if we focus on our shared goal, and organise ourselves effectively and as a single team. In 2022, we substantially improved our agility, effectiveness and cost-efficiency. We achieved this through better prioritisation and by encouraging a ‘What can be done?’ mindset: if a lack of capacity in the network means that something cannot be done, how can we still help our customers? We have shared relevant best practices on the Intranet and in other resources.

In the ‘Performing Together’ approach, we offer teams an opportunity to improve their effectiveness and reflect with each other on results and behaviour so that they can perform better together. At the managerial level, we explain more clearly what we expect from our managers: Alliander’s leaders should connect with others by being open to them and paying attention to what motivates them. Professional expertise is central to our leadership profile. The initial actions to promote development in line with the leadership profile have been implemented and we will continue to focus on this in the coming year.
Through communication on our Intranet, we are encouraging a transition towards a culture where colleagues speak their mind. Sometimes this involves directly stating how you are affected personally, but it is also about exhibiting exemplary behaviour as a manager in being receptive to criticism. We see that colleagues are starting to give each other critical feedback more and that, in spite of the increasing lack of tolerance in society, most of the communication within Alliander remains enquiring and constructive in nature.