Hybrid working

The challenges of the energy transition require us to adopt a different way of working. Productivity needs to increase and we will have to plan our time more efficiently enabling us to handle more work. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how agile we already are. We found a way to work separately yet together in a single online environment. At the same time, we have noticed that employees have a need for in-person contacts. Indeed, this is essential in some cases in order to do the job well. At Alliander we work together in person when that is necessary and online where possible. The nature of the work and social cohesion are the determining factors. 

Online work can be done anywhere and colleagues do so where they feel most comfortable and can work most efficiently: in the office, at home or at an external location. Teams jointly look for the right balance between online and face-to-face cooperation. Adjustments are made as necessary to achieve this.

Hybrid working is a crucial fringe benefit for many Dutch employees. In view of this, it is also part of our HR retention policy. When onboarding new colleagues, we highlight hybrid collaboration. In addition, when remodelling and designing new office buildings, we consider how to facilitate hybrid working for employees as optimally as possible. We set up office locations so that employees can alternate between online and in-person collaboration with each other with maximum ease. Design and evaluation involve close consultation with users. Examples of measures are extra telephone booths and meeting locations and improved IT facilities. This approach helps us create the best working environment for all our colleagues.