As a network operator, we are preparing not only our gas and electricity networks for a sustainable future, but also our market facilitating systems and services. We are working towards a new situation of more awareness and choices in energy generation and consumption, and a sustainable energy system which is reliable, accessible and affordable. We cannot do this alone. To achieve this goal, all parties jointly need to have a clear view of the energy system in 2050 and how we get to that point.

Related topics

This chapter is about our measures to make the energy supply and our own organisation more sustainable. The reported information relates to topics that stakeholders feel are important. Furthermore, these activities contribute to achieving SDGs.

Material topics



Customer groups

A) Facilitation of the energy transition
D) Cooperating on innovation
F) Climate change, energy usage and CO2
G) Access to affordable energy
N) Corporate social responsibility in the supply chain
O) Environmental themes not related to climate


Objectives and results for sustainable business operations

Net CO2 emissions from business operations

116 2022 result in kilotons
≤ 116 2022 objective in kilotons

167 kilotons in 20211


28%3 2022 result
≥ 35% 2022 objective

27% in 2021

  • 1 The net CO2 emissions figure for 2021 has been restated based on the most recent emission factors (2021).
  • 2 The scope of the KPI comprises primary assets: Low-voltage and medium-voltage cables, gas pipes, distribution and power transformers, and legacy and smart electricity and gas meters.
  • 3 This score is discussed in more detail under ‘Circular Procurement’ later in this section.