Development of district heating networks 

Our public heating networks ensure optimum deployment of renewable sources for the lowest costs to society and with transparent prices for consumers. The approach encourages the development of new, local sources of heat and the further greening of the network. The collective system provides access to the full potential of locally available sustainable sources, such as aquathermal energy, residual heat from data centres, biomass and geothermal energy. In 2022, we joined our subsidiary Firan in developing district heating networks in various municipalities. 

  • In conjunction with the municipality of Montferland and the Plavei housing corporation, we connected 222 rented homes in the Bloementbuurt district of Didam to a modular district heating system in the period up to spring 2022.  

  • In Zaanstad, we connected the regional safety office and part of the new residential area of Oosterzijderpark to the district heating network.  

  • In Harderwijk, we started constructing a district heating network with aquathermal energy for the new Waterfront residential area. 

  • We concluded a partnership agreement to develop a district heating network for the district of Helbergen in Zutphen in conjunction with the municipality of Zutphen, the housing corporation ieder1, the energy cooperative ZutphenEnergie and the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management. 

  • Wijmakenenergie in Apeldoorn was selected last year as the heating supplier for the future district heating network in the district of Kerschoten.  

  • In conjunction with the municipality of Amsterdam, housing corporations and other partners, we are exploring the possibility of connecting old and new buildings to a district heating network in various locations in Amsterdam. 

Collaboration to take the local heat transition a step further 

An important milestone in the local heat transition will be the setting up of the Gelders Warmte Infra Bedrijf, which was provisionally agreed by the Provincial Council in 2022. In creating this public organisation for district heating infrastructure, the Province of Gelderland, Alliander, Oost NL and seven municipalities in Gelderland will lay the foundations for accelerating the development and construction of local district heating networks in Gelderland.